Why Shop with us?

Dhillon Video opened its first location in 1981 and has been trusted and is being relied on by thousands of customers across North America. We have expanded the line of business from VHS rentals, to DVD, and now available in homes across the globe via IPTV.

Pioneers in the Field

Dhillon Video has evolved its industry and been in the forefront to provide the south Asian community living abroad with the latest technology mixed with great technical support in Punjabi, Hindi, and English.

Topping the Charts

Dhillon Video has built a subscriber base of thousands of clientele and is growing with hundreds of packages shipped out every day across the numerous distribution facilities across Canada and the United States.


Open for business in 1981, Dhillon Video is known as the leading nerve center for the entertainment industry. Today with multiple stores and re-sellers of Dhillon Video Products; We are able to provide the south Asian community with regional content produced in India and distributed across North America for over 35 years. Dhillon Video was founded by Balvinder Dhillon. In the 1970's Balvinder Dhillon landed in Halifax, Canada after leaving his family back home in Punjab to make a better living in a more stable part of the world. Life was tough because He didn't know the language and he lived with a couple of his friends in an apartment in Rex dale, Ontario. He found a good job in Chrysler parts plant in Brampton and started to make his living. After a few months Mr. Dhillon senior saved up enough money to buy a Beta max. He and his friends would buy Bollywood movies and enjoy them on a TV. Shortly after he would get calls from his friends to borrow the beta-max and of course he loaned it to them. Afterwards he realized he could make some extra cash on the side by renting the Beta-max to friends and charge money. Months passed and inventory grew, Mr. Dhillon had at least 5 beta-max machines which he rented to people for the weekend. To increase revenue he started putting up hand written advertisements in his apartment laundry room and at his work place. After months passed he was making more money renting Beta-max machines then his own factory job. So he quit and never looked back. Dhillon Video brand spanned across the world several stores across Canada, India, and the USA and started branching off to what ever technology was next VCR, DVD, Blue-ray, USB, Streaming etc.